Our Team



Steven Shirley, Owner

Steven Shirley founded Bay Area Designer Builders in 2001. His clients benefit from his 30 - plus years of experience in all areas of residential construction and design. He has held every job in the construction industry from supervising the construction of large housing tracts to fine furniture building. He comes from a long line of pragmatic problem solvers. As a young child he watched his father, a civil engineer, design and build a mountain cabin, which the whole family happily uses to this day.

Steve’s attention to detail and desire to communicate clearly with each client about their project  distinguishes Bay Area Designer Builders from other construction companies. Having studied fine art in college Steve cares deeply about a project being finished as near to perfect as he can get it and believes the design process is one of the keys to happy client's and a successfully finished project.

Steve Founded Ocean Research Foundation in 2010. He collaborates with partners at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, The Pacific Shark Research Center at the Moss Landing Marine Labs and The California Academy of Sciences in Shark and other Elasmobranches research studies here in San Francisco Bay. He is also an avid sports fisherman who pursues fishing with the same degree of commitment to excellence and intelligence that he brings to his company. You might also find Steve riding dirt bikes, downhill skiing, cooking and oil painting.


Lilia 2 Bio Photo

Lilia ShirleyCorporate Treasurer, Office Manager

Lilia Margarita Shirley was born in Mocorito, Sinaloa Mexico, surrounded by close friends, family, and a rich culture. Education was always very important to her family. While in Mexico she received a five year degree in Business. Taking those values with her she came to the United States over 22 Years ago. She went back to school and obtained her cosmetology license. She met her husband Steve Shirley in Berkeley. After marriage, Lilia was able to bring her business skills to the next level by becoming Bay Area Designer Builders Corporate Treasurer and Office Manager. She has learned the business through the years and excels at her position. Lilia still maintains the ties to her culture by communicating  with some of our employees in Spanish, which is vital to our business. Bay Area Designer Builders will continue to grow, which can be directly contributed to Lilia’s hard work behind the scenes.



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Jose I. PenaVice President and Project Manager

Jose Pena was born in Navidad Mexico, a small humble farming community near Porta Vallarta Mexico. Jose worked in Agriculture, as the beautiful  town is known for, but always had an inner passion to use his hands for building. Even from a young age Jose showed great skills in building projects, including both the construction end and the management. Jose‘s passion took him to the United States at the age of 16 where he could develop his skills. Working for Sullivan’s countertops for over ten years Jose learned about residential construction. He soon met and was hired by Bay Area Designer Builders and learned all the trades in residential construction. He soon evolved into Steve’s right hand man, managing all of our projects in the field. He is now the Vice President of the corporation and a irreplaceable part of our business. He is very well respected by the construction community in the Bay Area including Building inspectors from ten different Cities. He is well known for his knowledge of California building codes, quick thinking, and positive attitude. Bay Area Designer Builders would not be the company it is without his hard work and dedication.


Jesus Bio Photo

Jose de Jesus Jimenez Ramos, Project Foreman and Master Carpenter

Jesus Jimenez was born and raised in the small mountain town of Navidad Mexico. While growing up in Mexico he became a master carpenter under the tutelage of his father who was the towns lead carpenter. Jesus received a degree in Architecture while in Mexico and then moved to California starting a new chapter in his life. Being trained in carpentry and having a degree in Architecture, Jesus  fit right into high end residential construction, remodeling and design. Jesus is well versed in ACAD and has become an important part of our design process. Working with Bay Area Designer Builders for the past decade Jesus has become our lead craftsman in everything from carpentry to setting tile. His ability to work with different clients on designing their visions and then building his designs sets him apart from most craftsmen in the Bay Area. His personal growth, skills, and dedication to this business is inspiring. He has quickly become a role model for workers across the board. 



Orion Caposey, Project Management, Executive Assistant

Orion Caposey was raised with humble beginnings in Skagway, Alaska. After graduating from High School he quickly became a Train Conductor for the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad, traveling the vast mountain ranges of South East Alaska. Realizing his love for hospitality and business, he took classes at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas for Hotel Administration. He quickly climbed the ladder and soon became a manager of the The Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, a 2,900 room resort located in Downtown Las Vegas. Orion learned invaluable skills in large scale management and business. In May of 2012 Orion moved to California to work with his father Steve Shirley in Bay Area Designer Builders. Orion is now taking AutoCAD courses, as well as other construction management courses, to further his understanding of high end residential remodeling.



The Team

Bay Area Designer Builders is a tight-knit team who loves what they do. Every individual working in our company has a unique skill and a steadfast commitment to the job that enables us to produce top-notch high end results. We could not be the company we are today without their hard work and dedication.