Construction Services


Bay Area Designer Builders Inc. has collectively over 184 years of experience in Residential Construction, with Steve’s experience being 39 of those years. Even with extensive experience, we continue to search out and learn every new construction method we come across. Having said that, many new methods are not as reliable or as long lasting and durable as some of the older, tried and true methods which we still keep in practice where applicable.
Steve Lived aboard Boats in San Francisco Bay for over 22 years of his life and brings marine construction methods onto land to give certain types of our construction the durability of a ship that lives in water and the very damaging marine environment.

We have been partnering with Alameda Structural for over a decade and a half doing large basement build outs and whole house remodels across the entire bay area. Our men work seamlessly together which creates a premier group of professionals that are able to complete projects faster, safer and on budget, while keeping practicality and esthetics a priority.
We have created relationships with all of the bay area building departments and building inspectors based on mutual respect and follow through. This gives us an edge for required paper work along with passing inspections which moves the projects forward in a timely manner.

We have also developed relationships with the sub-contractors and venders that are part of our process. As everyone knows, remodeling is a daunting process, so hiring a company that has the process worked out to be as seamless as possible is a very good thing.

Our services include, but are in no means limited to:

• Construction Consultation
• Pre home buying consultation to let our clients understand what they are up against prior to home purchase
• Foundations and structural improvements
• Concrete flat work
• Drainage
• New construction of all types
• Room additions
• Bath and kitchen remodels
• Whole house remodels a specialty
• Basement build outs a specialty
• Hardscape including custom rock walls and stone patios
• Outdoor living space
• Cabinetry